14th IFFI 2023



I have great pleasure in welcoming you all the UCD Cinema to the 14th Indian Film Festival of Ireland 2023. This year the festival is focusing on great documenters from the Indian film industry, and is opening the festival with a feature film My Goal Football starring NAMITA LAL who is travelling from India to attend the festival. The festival is having a retrospective of her work.  Film Before Life after Death, another important Hindi film, starring Namita will be screen as well.  The closing film is Dr B. R. Amabedkar Now & Then, (The father of the Indian constitution) a film by Joyti Nisha. Other important documentaries films are Kaifinama 

Star in Retrospect

Namita Lal

She is a career banker, theatre/film actor and producer. The umbrella brand Nutzaboutme is based on her personal beliefs about loving yourself with no fears, no complaints, no judgements. Namita believes in celebrating “being a woman”, encouraging them to become game changers by constantly reinventing themselves in any walk of life. In 2017 she was named one of Singapore’s Top 25 Most Influential Female Corporate Leaders. After being a banker for several years, Namita revived her passion for acting, writing and producing strong stories many of which are focussed around women. Organisations such as UN Women, Project Smile and FWA have been supporters of her many productions.

Nutzaboutme PTE Ltd Singapore is a production/mediahouse owned by Namita Lal. The company is involved in production of independent films in Singapore and India.

Completed films include Lihaaf , Bhonsle , My Goal Football , Oxygen , Country Of The Blind and Before Life After Death. She has won the best actress for her work in Oxygen in the kaleidoscope film festival..


Event Details

Join us at the cinema for an unforgettable three days filled with inspirational movies, documentaries and reflections. An amazing opportunity to network with people in the industry while exposing yourself to vibrant Indian culture cinematic brilliance.


Indian Film Festival of Ireland

Director - Copy

Press and programme launch.


Gala Arward Night

IFFI 2017 Bus Shelter

me diveya single




Festival Dancer Dakshina Mishra (2)


Indian Film Festival Ireland 2023

27 October 2023

Day 1

11:00 Trek to Neverland.
13:00 Margarte Cousins.
14:30 The Players.
17:30 Opening Reception. In The Foyer.
19:30 My Goal Football.
27 October 2023
28 October 2023

Day 2

11:00 Unseen Sequence: Malavika Sarukkai.
13:00 Before Life After Death.
17:00 Kaifinama.
19:30 Live Cultural Award and Charity dinner.
28 October 2023
29 October 2023

Day 3

11:00 I am Just Making Film & MAYA
11:30 Until Midnight.
13:00 Being Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing.
14:30 Dr. B. R Ambedkar Now & Then.Post screening discussions and wrap… reception in the foyer.
29 October 2023



14th Indian Film Festival of Ireland


Following the success of the 2022 Indian Film Festival in Ireland, we can promise you we have only gotten bigger and better!


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